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Metal fabric is a new decorative material,which doesn’t only have the softness of the cloth,but also have the metallic luster.In the colour surface treatment,which is through plating chromatically,and have many great characters,just as gorgeous colour,not fading,corrosion resistance and so on.Generally speaking,we can produce all kinds of colour of the matal fabric.If the clients have the special color requirment,you can send the samples with the color you need,the color card and so on to me ,but this does’s contain of the photo of the color,because we can’t confirm which colour you need.

By now,the metal fabric we produce have 5kinds,the dia of it is3mm,4mm,6mm,8mmand 10mm,and the color is not limited.the max size of metal fabric is 450mm*1500mm,we often make a big piece through connection of some small pieces.And in dealing with the connecting of pieces,we have get most of experieces,and make our clients satisfactory.

As a new decorative material,metal fabric is not only used in architecture decorative material,but also used in the clothes design.In the architecture field,metal fabric is widely used in division,wall facade,screening ,showcase and so on..

As a material of cloth design,metal fabric is used in the dress design,and designed in the shoulder,chest and the hem of the dress.And make the dress more beautiful and valuable.

We always prepare samples of metal fabric and sample card,if you have a requirement,please contact us in time.

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