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JoYa Wire Mesh is located in shanghai.Through continuous developing more than ten years, JoYa has been grown into one of top mature professional manufactures of stainless steel architecture wire mesh both at home and abroad . The main products are stainless steel wire mesh , metal curtains, zoo meshes, conveyor belt meshes, filtration wire meshes and other products .The company has its own independent trademarks “JOYA” registered and has passed ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification.

The successful application of decorative wire mesh in French National Library as the design elements were found ,and continue to be used in architecture design, Metal architecture wire mesh is the perfect factor to show noble, elegant .Most of decoration museums 、exhibition halls、cinema、culture center、sports centre、 high-grade famous flagship store ,grand hotels, bars, Cafes、shopping plaza、shopping malls/villas/office buildings and so on. So luxury, high-grade, High-tech application.

JoYa decorative wire mesh is now widely used in many buildings in our domestic markets. In the coming 2010 world EXPO. , the application of JOYA decorative wire mesh on theme building of shanghai has improved the grade of Chinese architecture. Proved that China is the leader in architecture. Saudi Arabia pavilion of Shanghai World EXPO. 、multi-national Conference hall、Beijing Chaowai Building、Beijing Zoo、Fuzhou Power Building、Qinhuangdao Drug Administration and other projects, are our company’s successful stories. Metal architecture wire mesh via the color of itself, with the accessories and light, sound , electricity and high-tech combination application in unlimited imagination space ,which are resplendent and elegant under the illumination of lights.

It has 5 engineers in R&D, 20 technicians in maintenance. And Equipped with more than 20 sets non-standard machines of production and more than 200 staffs are the asureance of production line. Its annual output is wire mesh 7 thousand square meters and the majority of products are used to export.

People in JoYa aimed at cooperating with customers, continuous improvement to our products, In order to make the world become more beautiful.

We will make every effort to contribute for architecture &building materials in domestic and abroad



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