Environmental Management

As a mid-size family-owned company with 25 years of tradition behind it, JoYa Wire mesh has developed a corporate structure that is practiced and lived by. From the very beginning, the relationship between the employees and environment was characterised by responsibility. This awareness continues to be a measure for extending our leading market position.

The management and employees of JoYa Wire Mesh are committed to designing processes and products that take the environment into account and assure continuous improvement. In order to fulfil these obligations, JoYa Wire Mesh has implemented an environmental management system, whereby the set forth targets and activities are documented and made known to the employees. We are committed to complying with the applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as the requirements from officials. These to us are the minimal requirements. The effectiveness and appropriateness of our environmental policy and our environmental management system are verified on a regular basis and documented. Already at the early stages environmental aspects flow into the development of processes and products in order to prevent harm to the environment. JoYa Wire Mesh is committed to its environmental policy and requests its business partners to approach the environment in the same way so that future generations may have a healthy environment to live in.


JoYa Wire Mesh 

28 May. 2012


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