Quality Assurance and Control

The use of the latest technology and equipment for quality control guarantees the high and constant quality of our woven wire products.
High quality products not only improve our competitiveness, but also create a trusting relationship with our customers. Our woven wire cloth and fabricated parts aim to exceed our customers expectations and product usage.
There are many standards and regulations covering the different applications of woven wire cloth. We have a range of measuring and inspection devices to cover these areas, often with their own specifically developed quality assurance processes.
 Our works laboratory is an integral part of our quality assurance system.
From the receipt of our raw materials, through the production processes and prior to delivery there are many material and quality controls: Material inspections, corrosion tests, damage checks, inspection for the certification and calibration of test sieves according to the relevant national and international standards and many more.
Tests and inspections are performed using modern equipment, such as global testing devices, video-microscopes, measuring of air flow rate, poresizemeter and corrosion check instruments. The results are referred to when compiling the documents of inspection or certification.




DQS-Certificate ISO 9001: 2008
Our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001: 2008.


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